News from the engine room
posted by JeffB on December 6th, 2007

Well i think it's time i talked to you all (whoever is remaining) about what's happening behind the scenes so to speak. I feel in a rut. a humongous soul eating rut that i thought i'd be stuck in for a while. I've been toying around with different ideas for new comics and the such and i feel that i can't continue working on Ace-147 and only Ace-147, i need more variety so i'm gonna be starting a new webcomic in the future to go along Ace-147 not in the story sense but in the sense i'll be working on two webcomics simultaneously. What this means for Ace-147 fans is that i'll probably be updating more than i did in the past months BUT the new format will be as follow; the pages will be posted as they are completed.

I know it sucks but i think my other concept is also worth a try and its not like i'm closing up shop here. Its just that i want to try something new at the same time and in the wonderful world of webcomics where your a salary is something you can't help but snicker at, it's a good thing to mix things up a bit no? Hope everything will go fine and hey, maybe my new idea will be cool too what do you think? Time will tell!

peace out


posted by JeffB on September 28th, 2007

Ugh....what can i say? I'm in the middle of yet another brick wall artistically speaking. For the past weeks i haven't been able to put anything down on paper. I don't know what the hell is happening but i hope i'tll get better soon because i have a lot of stuff to do in that department. I'm very sorry and i hope some of you will be left when i come back.


posted by JeffB on September 12th, 2007

Another Woops! Looks like i'll be unable to post a comic this week because of personnal reasons i'd prefer not to discuss. Tune in next week for the next page of Ace-147 folks! Thanks for bearing with me


posted by JeffB on September 6th, 2007

Whoops, seems like i was a little bit late! Sorry about that folks, i got carried away with other things in my life at the moment. For those wondering what's going on in my life well....wonder no more! I started college again last week and now it's only a matter of balancing schoolwork, my job and this biggie! So strap on your safety helmet because we're still rolling relatively smoothly here at Ace-147. Tune in next week for the next page and whatnot.


posted by JeffB on August 15th, 2007

Bad Jeff Bad! Goddamnit it, i need more discipline if i ever want to make it big in this industry! I'll try to pop out a page a week! On all wednesdays from now on, the few of you remaining will get to see the adventures of Jack and his crew.

I guess the thing is that i've been working on some new projects that i'm really happy about. Once those start up, i'll link it here of course but worry not, Ace-147 is not going anywhere. Its not because i'll be working on a few projects that it means i'm abandonning the other ones!

Oh and to those who noticed, yes i'm still toying with different styles to try and get a good balance between quality and the time it takes so i hope everyone don't mind.

posted by JeffB on June 7, 2007

I spoke too soon didin't i? General lazyness got the best of me and i'm starting a new job soon so things are about to get hectic very soon. I'll be back eventually though! hang tight :)

I'll also try to update this page with recent sketches i did, even though i don't draw a lot these days i'm gonna try and get back into it.

thats about it for an update, thanks for visiting and have a great day!

posted by JeffB on March 29, 2007

I'm back! Well...sorta! I seem to have regained my will to draw but, not completely. I've tried something a little different with the shading on this strip to see how it would look. I think it turned out okay.

In other news well, i've been busy but i think i should be able to at least put up a new comic each week...but i'm not sure yet so, we'll see won't we? I hope i'm not disapointing any of you with that...if there is anyone left out there that is...Hiatuses tend to do that.

Nevertheless, i'll keep you all updated right here on what's happening with the comic so, stay tooned...or something else more apropriate.

posted by JeffB on March 17, 2007

Happy St-Patrick's day and yay for jinxing myself! I got completly braindead artwise not long after my last update so, yeah! You see, when you do a comic for a certain amount of time you tend to get a little burnt out on the story and the characters and well, i needed a break (again! i suck at this haha!) But hey, i'm not letting this comic die so it will live again don't you worry one bit. So hey, thank you for visiting and hey, keep an eye on the gallery, i'll put some stuff i did up there or hmm...maybe i'll add it to the main page to give you something to look at for visiting.

we'll see then what the future has in stores. see you all later!

posted by JeffB on November 28, 2006

I'm on fire art wise these past few days so expect at least another page tomorow! I can't keep up this pace forever but i'll do my best to get as much eye candy on the site before starting to promote the comic again. I'm still trying to optimise my technique to be more time efficient but that will take time (Oh the irony!).Even when the comic doesnt update, i'm usually working on something thatll show up in the gallery section for your enjoyement.

Alright thats it, take it easy and enjoy the tornado of colored comics!

posted by JeffB on November 26, 2006

And we're back! (sorta!). Until further notice (and for my own sanity) i will update this comic as the pages get done so if i get a productive week-end you get a buttload of pages and if i dont, well....there's always next week. I'm very excited about this new chapter, i'll try and keep doing it in color as long as i can.

In other news, its november already! On november 15th, Ace-147 turned one year old. Woo hooOoooOoo!!! Here's to at least 2 more.


posted by JeffB on November 17, 2006

Argh, This hiatus will end soon. I'm in the final stages of planning out the third chapter just in time for Ace's 1st year anniversary. I'm thinking of updating on a irregular basis at first and more steadily as i go along. This will amount to twice a week i'm guessing but nothing concrete yet. I'll also try and enlist the help of my brother in this since he seems to grasp the english language more than me so he should help out with the dialogue.

Well umm...i hope you guys are still sticking around! if not well.....come baaaaaaaAaaaaack!!!

posted by JeffB on September 9, 2006

Still on Haitus. I can't seem to get drawing again. Hope this gets fixed soon because this sucks for you my dear readers. Rest assured i'm not letting this project go, i just need the ''flame'' again so to speak.

thanks for bearing with me, you guys (and gals) are the best!

posted by JeffB on August 24, 2006

Nope, i'm not dead. i've just didin't feel like doing tonight's comic. These past days i've been stuck in a wall so to speak with my art. I've burned out a bit and if you do something too often, you'll get tired of it. So instead of making an half assed attempt at a comic, i decided to skip this one altogether.

Don't worry, Ace-147 is not going anywhere. i just need to find the drive to draw again. itll come back, it always does....maybe once college starts i'tll come back because nothing sucks more than not being able to doodle when a teacher is yammering away ;)

posted by JeffB on August 15, 2006

Allright, we're back (so to speak). This is Ace-147's intermission. This is a time in between two chapters that lets me unwind. What does this mean for you, my dear readers? it simply means that i'll be making smaller comics for a while depicting what the crew's time on earth is like. Until i do the finishing touches on the 3rd chapter's script, this is a nice way to do some character devellopement with less strain on myself. I hope you'll like this new change of pace and that you'll stick around until chapter 3 starts.

in other news, college will be starting up again soon so that could mean more time for comics since its the number one thing i do in my classes (i still listen in class, so don't think i'm slacking off) or, if the workload is too much, less time for comics. But whatever happens, don't worry about Ace-147. Its not going anywhere.

posted by JeffB on August 8, 2006

well shucks! I'm sorry guys but the next comic won't be until friday. I had a little run in with my new friend XBOX 360 and he's holding me hostage right now. Oh god...he can't see me using the computer! CALL FOR HEL.....!

Edit: Might as well make it the whole week....consider this an intermission in between chapter so i can recharge my creative juices. Thanks!

posted by JeffB on August 4, 2006

Well there you have it, chapter 2 is now over and done with. This one was twice as big as chapter one and i'm happy with the way it turned out. Well, maybe i would change a few things here and there but its nothing big. I also improved quite a bit in the way that my art is more consistent than it used to be so i'm happy about that too. I have high hopes for chapter 3. Allright thats about it, i'm starting to ramble again so i'll leave it at that. Take care folks!

posted by JeffB on August 2, 2006

For those who haven't noticed, i changed the color palette for the website. I was thinking of trying something different since i kept the same colors ever since i started back in november. I hope everyone likes it! In other news, my summer vacations are almost over, goddamn they went by fast didin't they? Wow! Even though the update schedule was a bit rocky for Ace-147 in the past weeks, i'm still trying my best to keep up the pace. This is not just entertainement for my readers, its also a way to force myself to draw at least twice a week (if not more). I want to improve and its the only way i know how.

Well i hope you enjoyed this little foray into my head, now i have some sheep to chase out of my room. Enjoy the comics and don't hesitate to e-mail me or leave a message below, its always appreciated!

posted by JeffB on July 26, 2006

And we're back! The vacation at the cabin was a resounding success and we're planning on doing it again next year. Sorry about that extra week of downtime by the way. I'll be honest, i started having motivationnal problems towards the webcomic and it was getting harder and harder to work on it. But i worked through them and now i'm back to full steam so there is absolutly nothing to worry about.
I'm trying out a different way of updating the news. You see, my old way was to attach an html file to my usual updates so my comics always came with a text update.

I don't always have something intelligent to say so now i can only update the news when i actually have something to say, this is really useful and will cut down on useless ramble.....oh who am i kidding, Nothing will change but itll look a way! Also, i updated the gallery page with a new Desktop image i did, hope you like it! Alright i'm out, enjoy today's big comic and see you friday!

P.S : The old comics might get a little crowded with the new change since all the old updates will keep their old news.... for posterity sake you know (and because its less of a hassel....ahh laziness)