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by Jean-François Bédard


Q:When is Ace-147 updated?
A: Ace-147 is usually updated on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.
it may miss an update from time to time but it should happen rarely.

Q: Ace-147? What the hell does that mean and where did you get that?
A: Ace-147 comes from when i was a kid playing Star Control II on my 3D0, that was
the name of my ship.

Q: Whats that grey thing with a Mohawk?
A: Its Tink, a woolite (a kind of sheep-man)

Q: Can i use your comics on my webpage?
A: Absolutly not unless you ask my permission first, or else that ain't very nice.

Q: Can i link your website?
A: Of course! You can use either one of these banners if you want





If you link me and would like to be linked back, dont hesitate to contact me
(Contact info in the about me section)

Q: Do you Accept Donations?
A: Not for now but i should be able to soon, donations are pretty important
to any webcartoonist that does this as a hobby, the extra income is greatly appreciated.

Q: Can you draw something for me?
A: Sure, i'm availlable for some comission works and depending on the
workload it incurs, it might even be free of charge! don't hesitate to contact me.

Q: Where do i send Fanart?
A: Fanart? Cool! If you're kind enough to do it, just e-mail it to me along with
your website if you want me to link it along with your art and i'll be more
than happy to oblige. I just love Fanart, don't you?

Q: Does the Pope crap in the woods?
A: Why should i know?