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by Jean-François Bédard


Generic Links


Something Awful - A humour website with an incredibly useful and hilarious forum. costs 10 $ to register (way worth it)
Twoplustwo publishing - Poker website that sells book. It has a great forum for tips and tricks to play hold'em poker
Comic Genesis - free webcomic webhosting and automation service for webcomics, its at the bottom of the main page folks! :D

Art related
Gamer Psychotica - My old webcomic, 200+ comics in the archive, check it out if your not squeamish (it dates back to 2001-2002)
The Drawing Board - great art critique and commenting forum for talented artists. High level of talent so i only read it :)
PvP - Done by the one and only Scott Kurtz, that guy's a machine, he may be late with some of his strips, but he still gets them done daily (having done that myself for 2 years i can say its no easy feat)
Penny Arcade - Hilarious comic done by Gabe and Tycho 3 times a week, i recommend it.

Anywhere but here - A great comic by Jason Siebels telling the story of an unnamed guy forced to go to college in North Dakotah, the most bland place in the Universe. The art style reminds me of the funnies section of my local newspaper. Very cool and a must read. - A directory of online comics

Keenlace - a very cool pinup site for comicgenesis comics, check it out :)

I'm sure i forgot something, so if you think you deserve a spot here, be sure to ask me and we will find out ;)