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by Jean-François Bédard

Palmer | Sikes | Ik'ra | Tink | Bloodbane

Name: Masarka Bloodbane


Sex: Female

Race: Gorak

Weight : 200 Pounds

Height : 7 feet 1 inches

Job: Cook / Security Officer

Info: Unpredictable is the best way to describe Masarka of the Bloodbane tribe. She is very upbeat and joyful with a bubbly personnality. I found it really funny that such feminine features could come from a Gorak.

I met her in a bar on Ss'ithak. She was the cook there and let me tell you, that was the best meal of my life.

Masarka is quite skilled with the frying pan. She was the youngest to ever win the Coalition Culinary Award after beating veteran Triclop chef Jeabe Toob in a duel.

Unfortunatly, since then, times have changed. Cooking is no longer held in high regard since the invention and mass production of the nutrition pills so Masarka was swept under the red carpet of recognition almost as fast as she walked on it.

I hate those damn nutritionnal pills, so thats why i offered her a job on my ship. Traditionnal cooking will always have a place in my heart.