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by Jean-François Bédard

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Name: Zack Sikes


Sex: Male

Race: Triclop

Weight : 165 Pounds

Height : 6 feet 2 inches

Job: Lieutenant /Engineer

Info : From what he told me, Zack Sike graduated from Bachman Engineering school on his homeworld (Triplia IV) at the top of his class. His engineering skills are only matched by his total lack of real world experience.

That inexperience gets him injured a lot but its never anything serious, good thing we have a doctor in the crew! I hired him about 2 years ago and so far he's been doing a good job even though he goofs off a lot. He did wonders to our weapon and propulsion systems.

This guy has a permanent silly grin attached to his face. He hasn't realised yet that space is a vast and hostile place where even inanimated objects wants to kill you.He's just like any young recruit aboard a spaceship now that i think about it.

Zack isin't really a lieutenant, i just gave him this title to boost his self-esteem. It makes me feel better about myself...why do i have military ranks in my ship again? Damnit, old habits die hard.