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by Jean-François Bédard

Palmer | Sikes | Ik'ra | Tink | Bloodbane

Name: Jack Palmer

Age: 39

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Weight : 160 Pounds

Height : 5 feet 9 inches

Job: Captain

Info : I'm never good when it comes to talking about myself so i'll just use the file the coalition has on me (the less i say about how i acquired this the better):

"From what we know, Jack Palmer served in the Coalition's Navy for 11 years before being honorably discharged for his deeds in the war.

We have been unable to find information on his whereabouts in the 7 years that followed but we picked up his trail 2 years ago when he purchased a cargo ship and also hired a crew to assist him. Intel so far indicates that Jack Palmer is currently trading merchandise back and forth for profit.

From what our psychologist could tell, Jack is mentally worn out. His service in the navy is what presumably did it although it cannot be confirmed. This surely explains his new choice of career; a cargo ship has a lesser chance of encountering unpleaseant situations. Nevertheless, he remains a friendly and stern individual but lacks the drive and energy he once had while serving under the coalition. " i wish i hadn't read that.